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Custom Security Protection

Every client and situation are different, that’s why we pride ourselves on working with you to understand your unique needs and customize a plan and pricing that works for you.

Security Consultation

When it comes to information security, we see businesses and individuals taking all of the precautionary steps necessary to mitigate threats. But, what about your physical security?

Concierge Protective Services

At AEPA we understand that our clients have their own priorities, and while security is always a priority for us, it might not be on the forefront of their minds every day.

Why Us?

Our Credientals

We are called up on by many different clients to provide a variety of security services. From entertainers to corporate events to VIP families and more, we work throughout many industries...

Our Clients

We are proud to work with a diverse set of clients spanning various industries...


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What our clients say

AEPA was called upon to provide event security services for a National Concert Promoter’s new talent event in Charlotte, NC. In the Summer of 2018 we worked closely with this client to select two experienced guards

National Concert Promoter

A high-profile celebrity client contacted AEPA with a very last-minute request. They needed both armed and unarmed bodyguards to protect them during their appearance at the Academy Awards in March 2018. We dispatched our Concierge Service which provides on-demand security services, 24-hours a day.  

Celebrity during the Academy Awards