Security Consultation

When it comes to information security, we see businesses and individuals taking all of the precautionary steps necessary to mitigate the threats of hacking and similar internet attacks. But, what about your physical security? That needs assessing and protection too.

With the proliferation of public security incidents happening all around us every day, it’s vital that you have a plan or protocol in place to first assess your vulnerabilities and then to deter such threats.

So, how would you know if you, your staff, your business or an event venue might be susceptible to a threat? That’s where we come into play. With our protective services consulting, you can depend on us to provide a full assessment and analysis of your security program, and make sure all the appropriate security measures are put into place for our specific engagement with you.

Our range of services include:

  • Security detail assessment 
  • Event venue threat assessment 
  • VIP Security protocol planning and advising
  • And, other specialized consultation based on your specific needs/scenario