Our Credentials

We are called up on by many different clients to provide a variety of security services. From entertainers to corporate events to VIP families and more, we work throughout many industries and for a variety of events/occasions. Below are just a few of our credentials which highlight some of our most recent client engagements.

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Client: National Concert Promoter

AEPA was called upon to provide event security services for a National Concert Promoter’s new talent event in Charlotte, NC. In the Summer of 2018 we worked closely with this client to select two experienced guards who would provide all-day coverage of this major music event. The client was extremely pleased with our ability to find the right people and with a quick turn-around time. They continue to call upon AEPA for their event security needs.

Client: Unnamed Celebrity during the Academy Awards

A high-profile celebrity client contacted AEPA with a very last-minute request. They needed both armed and unarmed bodyguards to protect them during their appearance at the Academy Awards in March 2018. We dispatched our Concierge Service which provides on-demand security services, 24-hours a day.  We quickly assigned 3 armed and unarmed guards, dressed in suits and ties for the formal occasion.  Because of our services, this celebrity felt safe and secure knowing we were able to protect her. They were also grateful that they could turn to our Concierge Service for this last-minute request.

Client: A Hip-Hop Group’s Nationwide & International Tour 

An award-winning Hip-Hop group secured our bodyguard services for their music multi-country tour. We worked with them to identify the best resource for their needs and thus assigned one of our most experienced guards for the tour.  These individuals were provided top-notch armed security in plain clothes for the entire 6-month duration of the tour.